Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家

Tai Cheong Bakery storefront

The storefront of Tai Cheong Bakery


Tai Cheong Bakery sells one of the best egg tarts in Hong Kong. There is a fantastic balance of the crispy pastry together with the soft egg custard that crumbles oh so deliciously in your mouth. They open till late and you have to do some serious climbing to get to their main outlet at Lyndhurst Terrace in Central, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong and Macau is really a heaven for egg tart lovers. After extensive research on the best egg tarts there, we sampled egg tarts from no less than five establishments. Tai Cheong Bakery comes out as the top native egg tart establishment in Hong Kong. Our number one pick for egg tarts is Lord Stow’s Bakery in Macau. While Lord Stow has a branch at The Excelsior hotel in Hong Kong, we did not have time to give that outlet a taste test comparison with their outlets in Macau.

For those with trouble walking uphill, take note that there is a steep incline along Wellington St towards Lyndhurst Terrace. It is good exercise but if you have been out walking for the whole day it is a pretty exhausting climb.


Tai Cheong Egg Tarts

Tai Cheong Bakery Egg Tarts

We arrived at the shop just before they closed at around 8:30pm. There was no queue and there was a tray of freshly prepared piping hot egg tarts at the cashier! Looking at these egg tarts again makes my mouth water. We bought one to try and it felt heavenly as our teeth sank into it. It was warm, and the soft custard complimented the crumbly pastry perfectly. We enjoyed the egg tart so much that we ended up buying six more to eat back at the hotel. We rate these delicious egg tarts 4.2/5.

We bought six egg tarts and paid HK$8 per egg tart.


Tai Cheong Bakery egg tart and box

Final Thoughts

We dare say that the old Hong Kong king of egg tarts at Honolulu Coffee Shop has been eclipsed by Tai Cheong. The secret to eating delicious egg tarts is really the temperature, you will be in heaven if you are lucky enough to catch the piping hot egg tarts right from the oven at Tai Cheong. Even you can only eat them the next day, put them in an oven and toast them to the limit, just before they get burnt. The crust becomes crispy crumbly and the egg custard is nice and hot. You will not be disappointed.


info  Tai Cheong Bakery

G/F 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

MTR to Central, take the D2 exit and walk to your right towards Theatre Lane, turn left towards D’Aguilar St followed by a right at Wellington St. Lyndhurst Terrace forks to the left after a short distance – Google Maps

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday from 0730-2100hrs, Sunday and Public Holidays from 0830-2100hrs

Signature items:
Egg tarts

+852 8300 8301


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