Egg Tarts at Honolulu Coffee Shop 檀島咖啡餅店

Honolulu Coffee Shop Storefront

The storefront of Honolulu Coffee Shop


If you are a pastry lover you must try the egg tarts at Honolulu Coffee Shop on your trip to Hong Kong. Based on our exhaustive research, Honolulu Coffee Shop serves up one of the best egg tarts in Hong Kong. They are in the top 2, together with the egg tarts at Tai Cheong Bakery. Honolulu Coffee Shop’s egg tarts have a very flaky pastry, with an ample amount of delicious custard. They are located along Hennessy Rd just beside Wan Chai MTR.

We have toured Hong Kong and Macau for the best egg tarts out there in the two regions. The one thing that we learned about an egg tart’s taste on our journey is that the temperature of the egg tart at the point of consumption is the most important. An average egg tart at the optimum hot and crispy temperature will taste much nicer than the best egg tarts at room temperature.  That said, we were fortunate enough to get our egg tarts from Honolulu Coffee Shop piping hot fresh out from the oven!


Egg Tarts at Honolulu Coffee Shop

Egg  Tarts at Honolulu Coffee Shop

We arrived at the shop in the afternoon after exploring the Wan Chai neighbourhood. It was located in the middle of a busy street and there was no queue, leading us to wonder if we were at the right place. These egg tarts are delicious. We were lucky to get them piping out from the oven. One mouth of it and you can feel the flaky pastry baked perfectly, with the warm custard going so well with it. Their egg tarts are priced at HK$8 each. We rate these tarts 4/5.


Honolulu Egg Tarts tray

Final Thoughts

These egg tarts are delicious with their flaky pastry and are of a different type as compared to the ones from Tai Cheong Bakery. I’d still pick Lord Stow’s egg tarts from Macau and Tai Cheong’s egg tarts over Honolulu’s. However if you are in Wan Chai, it is really super convenient to drop by the shop near the Wan Chai MTR.


info  Honolulu Coffee Shop

G/F & Mezz Floor, 176-178 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

MTR to Wan Chai, take exit A4 and turn right along Hennessy Rd – Google Maps

Opening Hours:
Daily from 0600-0000hrs

Signature items:
Egg tarts

+852 2575 1823

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