Joy Hing Roasted Meat 再興燒臘飯店

Joy Hing Roasted Meat Storefront

The storefront of Joy Hing Roasted Meat


Joy Hing Roasted Meat is a famous 烧腊 (shāo là) stall in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. They are well known for their barbecued pork (or char siew 叉烧 chā shāo), roast duck (烧鸭 shāo yā) and their soy sauce chicken (豉油鸡 chǐ yóu jī). Well, we did our research – according to OpenRice reviews by sheer quantity, Joy Hing Roasted Meat is the most famous roast meat stall we could find in Hong Kong.

However we were still considering giving this place a miss. We had Lan Fong Yuen at 11am, Kam Fung at 2pm and it was 3pm when we arrived at Joy Hing. There is just too many places to eat at Hong Kong and not enough time. After contemplating for a bit, we decided that we were not going to give Hong Kong’s most famous roast meat stall a miss. We ended up ordering a take-out to eat sometime later when we had cleared a bit of our super full stomachs.


Joy Hing Roasted Meat - char siew roast duck

Joy Hing Roasted Meat - char siew roast duck 2

Joy Hing Roasted Meat – Char Siew and Roast Duck

Wow, even in the styrofoam packaging the memories of the food still make me drool. The char siew is fantastic. I am really impressed with Hong Kong’s char siew standard – even if we did only eat at the very best of what Hong Kong has to offer. The char siew had a very similar strong fragrance just like the char siew at Yat Lok and it was super delicious even when consumed an hour after preparation. The char siew was tender, succulent and juicy. My comments on the Hong Kong-style char siew in the Yat Lok article apply similarly to the char siew at Joy Hing, so do have a read of it. Despite the time factor in the consumption of the char siew, we still give it a rating of 4.2/5.

We are very certain that if we had the dish on-site, it may have actually been comparable to the delicious char siew that we had the opportunity to eat at Yat Lok.

As for the roast duck, unfortunately the time delay had taken its toll on the taste. It was a bit dry by the time we consumed it back at the hotel and the taste was sub-par. As such in light of the time delay we will reserve our rating on  this item.


Final Thoughts

If you are in Wan Chai, Hong Kong you MUST try Joy Hing Roasted Meat. Dine-in if possible. The char siew is a safe bet, and their other signature items are pretty worth it too. If you have a higher budget, the roast meat at Yung Kee Restaurant in Central, Hong Kong is delicious as well.


info  Joy Hing Roasted Meat

Block C, G/F 265-267 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

MTR to Wan Chai, take the A2 exit and walk to your left down Hennessy Rd, turning left at Stewart Rd – Google Maps

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 1000-2230hrs, closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Signature items:
Barbecued pork, roast duck and soy sauce chicken

+852 2519 6639

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