O Santos Portuguese Restaurant – Suckling Pig

O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Storefront

The storefront of O Santos Portuguese Restaurant


O Santos Portuguese Restaurant was definitely not on our list of places to visit at  Taipa Village, Macau. However, when our intended lunch place was closed on the day of our visit, it was an easy decision. O Santos is the only comfortable air-conditioned restaurant in the area on a reasonably hot day. The food did not disappoint! They served up a delicious dish of roast suckling pig and fries.

Macau is a food paradise. If you only spend a day there prepare to be completely stuffed full. We had a super early 6am breakfast at Tsui Wah’s 24 hour outlet Parkes St outlet in Hong Kong before boarding our ferry to Macau at 8am. We would proceed to eat egg tarts from Lord Stow and San Hou Lei, pork chop bun from Tai Lei Loi Kei and milk pudding from Leitaria I Son. Look out for our reviews on those food places coming soon.

O Santos Portuguese Restaurant definitely was not on our initial list. However, as the famous Pui Kei Cafe selling crispy pork chop noodles did not open that day, we had to scramble for alternatives.


O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Roast Suckling Pig

O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Roast Suckling Pig

O Santos stands out amongst all the traditional food establishments at Taipa Village. However they serve some authentic Portuguese cuisine and we spotted a couple of native Portuguese dining around us. We ordered their signature roast suckling pig priced at MOP$168.

The suckling pig here was memorable. The skin was perfectly crispy and the fragrance from the suckling pig went very well with  it. The meat was tender and the combination was really delicious. The fries that came with it was excellent as well. Do note that this is suckling pig prepared ala Portuguese style – perhaps not purely Portuguese given the Chinese influences in Macau. However it has a very distinct taste that is different and more savoury than the Chinese version. We rate this 4.2/5.


O Santos Portuguese Restaurant interior

Final Thoughts

This is a truly authentic Portuguese restaurant in Macau’s Taipa Village. Surrounded by the more casual Chinese dining establishments, O Santos sticks out like a sore thumb. They are staffed by migrant workers as well, but now that Macau is back with China, perhaps migrant is not the proper word to use anymore.

We would recommend dropping by this place if you are at Taipa Village and you are desperate for an air conditioned place under the sweltering afternoon sun. They have a couple of delicious dishes and they serve real authentic Portuguese cuisine, but the place is comparatively more pricey compared to the more modest establishments around.


info  O Santos Portuguese Restaurant

Rua de Cunha No. 20, Taipa Island, Macau

Take a free shuttle service from your hotel to Galaxy Macau, follow the directional signs and walk across the road to Taipa Village – Google Maps

Signature items:
Portuguese cuisine

Opening Hours:
Daily from 1200-1500hrs and 1830-2200hrs, closed on Tuesday

+853 2882 5594

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