Leitaria I Son 義順牛奶公司 – Milk Pudding

Leitaria I Son - red bean milk pudding

Leitaria I Son – Red Bean Milk Pudding


Leitaria I Son 義順牛奶公司 (also known as Yee Shun Milk Company) is a legendary steamed milk pudding establishment from Macau. They have branches everywhere including four outlets in Hong Kong. This foodie place is actually more than 150 years old. It opened its doors for the first time just when the British first arrived in Hong Kong in the middle of the 19th century. After a long day walking around Macau, chill out and have a milk pudding dessert just across the road from Senado Square.

It is monstrously difficult to find reliable information about Macau’s famous food places in English online. We had bounced around from one place to another only to find it either closed on that day or relocated. We finally arrived at Keong Kei’s Mutton Hotpot (強記秘製羊腩煲) after asking for directions no less than ten times, only to be somewhat appalled by the hygiene conditions in the area given the nearby construction work. So we had to settle for our fifth or sixth choice for dinner, or more like dessert. We were pretty stuffed from our food adventures throughout the day, so we were happy with a half meal for once.


Leitaria I Son - plain milk pudding

Leitaria I Son – Plain & Red Bean Milk Puddings

How was this legendary milk pudding? It came in hot and cold versions, and we ordered one plain milk pudding and one red bean milk pudding. We both ordered the cold version at the recommendation of the waitress. The plain milk pudding was smooth, milky and creamy but it was not a sweet as we expected. It was a pleasure to slurp down the bowl at the end of a long day, but we would have preferred the dish a bit sweeter. We can only speculate that the owners perhaps had our health in mind, or this is a recipe relic from the 19th century when palates were probably less inclined towards sweet foods. We rate the plain milk pudding 3.5/5.

As for the red bean milk pudding, it fit perfectly as the sweet red beans provided a great taste balance to the blander milk pudding. The smooth texture of the pudding complemented the red beans very well and you would get that soft, melt-in-your-mouth feeling. We rate the red bean milk pudding 4/5.

We paid a total of MOP$57 for both the plain and red bean milk puddings. Yes, its incredibly pricey and perhaps that explains why the place was relatively empty when we were there. As with all things old and famous, you do pay a premium for it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re at Senado Square and you’re exhausted after a day of walking non-stop, this is a great place to stop by! Not for the budget conscious, but you can’t really say no to 150 years of history. However, if your stomach if stuffed and you have too many food places to try in Macau, you don’t have to put this place too high up your list.


info  Leitaria I Son (Yee Shun Milk Company)

381 Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau

Take a free shuttle service from your hotel to Hotel Sintra, walk along Av. do Infante Dom Henrique and past Senado Square – Google Maps

Signature items:
Steamed milk pudding, ginger milk pudding, red bean milk pudding

Opening Hours:
Daily from 1100-2100hrs

+853 2837 3104

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