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Jenny Bakery Tins

Two 4-Mix Butter Cookies (large) and two 4-Mix Butter Cookies (small) from Jenny Bakery

Jenny Bakery is an incredibly famous Hong Kong bakery specialising in butter cookies. They are so good that counterfeits and knock-offs can be found everywhere in Hong Kong. You have to queue for hours at their Hong Kong stores and they have expanded to China and Singapore. The outlets in China and Singapore import their cookies directly from Hong Kong, so the cookies will taste the same no matter where you get them.

For those travelling to Hong Kong to get these…

We have a top tip for you. Do not go to their main branch at Tsim Sha Tsui as you will be spending a long time in the queue if you do. Go to their branch in Sheung Wan instead, just before they close at around 7pm. You may be limited in your selection as some of the items may have been sold out by that time, but with a bit of luck, you will encounter a store that is entirely empty with no queue at all. The cookies at both stores are identical and made in the same factory.

You should decide on what you want to buy before you get your turn at the counter, as customers have reported getting scolded by the staff if they take some time deciding when its their turn to order.

For us, we did not have time to slot in a trip to Jenny Bakery into our itinerary at all, and we passed by the empty store through sheer luck when we were walking from Mak An Kee Noodles to Kau Kee Restaurant for the second half of our dinner. They only had their popular 4-Mix butter cookies available and we bought the maximum allowed – 1 large tin and 1 small tin for each of us.


Jenny Bakery Biscuits

Jenny Bakery – the best butter cookies ever?

To be honest when I first heard about Jenny Bakery I did not understand the hype. I tried one piece from a tin months before my trip and they did not seem all that spectacular. I was wrong. These butter cookies are one of the best ever. Don’t take it from me, my mum who is a butter cookie aficionado has given this her stamp of approval.

The deliciousness of these butter cookies is a result of two things – (1) they are the ultimate in super crumbly, these cookies literally crumble in your mouth. While the best butter cookies around crumble very well, they tend to clump or stick at the end of your bite. Jenny Bakery’s cookies take it to another level, there is no clumping or sticking at the end of your bite into it, the cookie just completely crumbles. I can’t emphasise that more. It is so addictive.

And for (2) they do not have an overwhelming buttery taste, like most of the other top rated butter cookies. The buttery taste is lesser and optimised to its most delicious intensity, pure perfection. They definitely have a couple of secret unconventional ingredients in there as well. This gives Jenny Bakery cookies that special ‘x-factor’ taste that is really hard to describe unless you try it yourself. We rate these super delicious cookies 4.5/5. Their large tin goes for HK$130 and the small tin goes for HK$70.

Important note – our super delicious rating applies to their flower butter cookies only. It is the cookie that has a textured flowery design and not the flatter round one that you see in the picture. The flatter round one gets a 4/5 for its inferior crumbling properties.

We suggest that you purchase 2-Mix Butter Cookies that only have the flower butter cookies.  Those are the bomb.

Final Thoughts

For our Singapore readers, if you intend to purchase your Jenny Bakery cookies from the Singapore outlet, their popular large tin of 4-Mix Butter Cookies goes for S$45 here. Whereas the exact same product goes for HK$130 in Hong Kong. In 2016 terms that is almost a 90% markup in price. I guess if you were to air freight one tin of Jenny Bakery cookies from Hong Kong to Singapore, the air freight cost would account for the difference in price, and those cookies would probably arrive completely smashed up.

However, from the Singapore entity’s point of view, they probably obtain the cookies at wholesale rates, ship in bulk and they are paying cheap rental for a HDB void deck shop. A Singaporean would be happy that you could conveniently get these delicious Jenny Bakery butter cookies from a local store, but it is always disappointing that there are these ridiculous markups that the franchisees usually justify by saying that the local market is small. Now if they would only reveal their balance sheets showing where the $$$ from their markups go.

If their large tins were priced at say S$28-S$30 in Singapore, I would probably be a much fatter person right now.


info  Jenny Bakery (Hong Kong)

Shop 24 G/F Mirador Mansion, 54-64B Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong (Kowloon outlet)
15 Wing Wo St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (Central outlet)

To the Kowloon outlet – MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui, take exit D1 or D2 and join the queue  – Google Maps
To the Central outlet – MTR to Sheung Wan, take exit E1 and walk to your right down Des Voeux Rd Central and Wing Wo St will be on your right – Google Maps

Signature items:
Butter cookies

Opening Hours:
Daily from 0900-1830hrs (Kowloon)
Daily from 1000-1900hrs (Central)

+852 2311 8070 (Kowloon) / +852 2524 1988 (Sheung Wan)


info  Jenny Bakery (Singapore)

Blk 422 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #01-2534, Singapore 560422

MRT to Ang Mo Kio, take exit A and cross the road, it is just behind Blk 424 – Google Maps

Signature items:
Butter cookies

Opening Hours:
Friday to Saturday 1200-1930hrs, Sunday 1200-1800hrs, closed on Monday and Public Holidays

+65 6988 6136


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