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The storefront of Sin Ming Roti Prata, Faisal & Aziz Curry Muslim Food

Move over Jalan Kayu, Sin Ming Roti Prata has by far the highest ratings on HungryGoWhere for Roti Prata. It is not even close. They have a rating of 90+% with almost 50 votes. This is a remarkable rating to achieve for any cuisine and I have never ever been disappointed by a food outlet with that type of sky-high ratings.

Whither Roti Prata in Singapore?

What happened to roti prata in Singapore? A few years ago, the dish had the ignominious honour of receiving ‘no winners’ for the annual Singapore Hawker Masters awards. The latest awards dropped Roti Prata entirely from the winning categories. The plunging standards of roti prata started right from its famous Jalan Kayu stalls. Super famous in Singapore and having no rivals, the roti prata stalls there started to look towards the bottom line and less towards perfecting the taste. They started to make roti prata in advance to cope with the crowds, inevitably leaving them to cool before it arrived at the table of the next customer.

Soon, the roti prata from iconic names like Thasevi and Thohirah, while still appearing in tourist guide books, started to serve pedestrian prata. However, we have to slam the Singapore Hawker Masters’ judges for being lazy. There is still a ton of delicious roti prata around Singapore, with Sin Ming Roti Prata being one of them. In the coming days and months we will be reviewing more super delicious prata stalls around – we strongly believe that there is still hope for Singapore’s prata renaissance.

Service & Ordering

The stall uses a self-service system here – you place your order and come back in a couple of minutes to collect the roti prata when it is done. In this way the stall saves on manpower as it does not have to devote resources into delivering the food to the customers’ tables. However, on the flip slide, you will need to collect the prata just when it is ready. If you take a bit of time to collect it, the roti prata cools down fast and you may find yourself with a plate of cold prata.

And if you did not realise from the 90+% rating on HungryGoWhere, there will be queues at this stall on weekends and peak hours. Expect to queue for 15-30 minutes if you’re unlucky.


Sin Ming Roti Prata Coin Prata 1

 Sin Ming Roti Prata – Coin Prata

As with the famous food stalls, there is something very unique with the prata at Sin Ming Roti Prata. They have a ‘coin prata’ variation of the usual plain prata! The great thing about this is that it tastes head and shoulders above the usual plain prata. The smaller coin shape allows for a greater surface area exposure for the same amount of dough, giving added crispiness and flavour. One bite into this coin prata and you will taste the very strong and delicious prata fragrance coupled with just the right amount of crispiness. We rate this coin prata 4.2/5.

While we did not find the curry exceptional, it went very well with the coin prata. You could eat the coin prata with curry or without, it tastes pretty delicious either way.


Sin Ming Roti Prata Cheese Prata


Sin Ming Roti Prata Egg Prata

Cheese Prata & Egg Prata

We made the mistake of collecting these two pratas a bit late. They arrived a bit cold! Well, it was entirely our fault as that is the self-service system that we were fully aware of. Do not make the same mistake as us.

That said, this was not our first visit to Sin Ming Roti Prata, and we can say that these pratas when eating at the correct piping hot temperature are delicious! The cheese prata has the cheese evenly spread inside the prata and went quite well with the prata. We rate the cheese prata 4/5.

As for the egg prata, it is a pretty solid production as well. The egg is quite uniform within the prata. Our main gripe with egg prata is that a good percentage of prata stalls these days do not really know how to fold the egg prata during the cooking process. You will get some of the egg hanging outside the prata, and the rest at one corner of the prata, with 90% of the prata tasting like plain prata instead. The best prata that we have eaten has the correct amount of crispiness and fragrance to go with the soft egg within. While Sin Ming Roti Prata does not have the best egg prata that we have tried, it is still a very good effort and worthy of a taste. We rate the egg prata 4/5.

The best egg prata that we have eaten is actually from a stall named Ramath Cheese Prata in Toa Payoh, do look out for that review in the coming weeks.


Sin Ming Roti Prata Interior

Final Thoughts

Great coin prata! A unique creation that tastes wonderful. A must try if you are ever in the Sin Ming area. One of those few popular prata stalls that still makes every single prata on the spot when it is ordered, you can expect delicious and piping hot roti prata – if you remember to collect the prata on time.


info  Sin Ming Roti Prata

#01-51 Jin Fa Kopitiam, 24 Sin Ming Road, Singapore 570024

Take the MRT to Marymount, hop on bus 410 towards Shunfu Rd and alight at the 2nd stop  – Google Maps

Signature items:
Coin roti prata

Opening Hours:
Daily from 0600-1900hrs

+65 6453 3893

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