Twins Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant

Twins Korean Fried Chicken Storefront

The storefront of Twins Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant

Twins Korean Fried Chicken is one of the newest Korean fried chicken joints to open in Singapore’s business district! They launched on 21 May 2015 to much fanfare and with a celebrity appearance by Kim Ji-won who acted in the Korean hit series The Heirs. Twins is not your ordinary Korean fried chicken restaurant in Singapore – you won’t find them anywhere in Korea. They are only in Singapore and they are run by two Korean twin chefs that were born just 3 minutes apart.


Twins Korean Fried Chicken Signage

Twins Korean Fried Chicken Menu 1Twins Korean Fried Chicken Menu 2

Service and Ordering

We were served by a Korean waiter and we must say, it was one of the most pleasant dining experiences for us. He was extremely polite as expected from Korean culture and everything went without a hitch. He answered our questions well and gave good recommendations.

With their pricey location in town and as with most Korean fried chicken restaurants these days, you can’t really expect reasonable prices here. Our recommendations are their spicy yangnyum fried chicken, soy & garlic fried chicken wings and their soy & lemon kkanpungki.


Twins Korean Fried Chicken Soy & Garlic Chicken Wings 2

Twins Korean Fried Chicken – Soy & Garlic Fried Chicken Wings

For the fried chicken wings they only serve the juicier wingette! That is the top forearm portion, and they don’t serve the drumette. For S$18, you get 10 pieces of wingettes, which is roughly equivalent to 5 full chicken wings. Well, we and everyone that we know prefer the wingette portion of the chicken wings and this was really a delightful discovery.

Their soy & garlic fried chicken wings have an overwhelmingly rich flavour. The twin chefs decided to amp up the marination and seasoning for these, and you can really feel the super fragrant garlic and soy taste. For us, the first few pieces were super delicious but after that the taste got a bit too overpowering for us. It is similar to what happens with the bak kut teh soup towards the bottom of the bowl. At the third piece, Sheryn found it a bit too sweet while I found the garlic taste a bit too overwhelming.

However, this would definitely be great if you come in a larger group and just enjoy the first few pieces. We rate these chicken wings 4/5.


Twins Korean Fried Chicken Soy & Lemon Kkanpungki

Soy & Lemon Kkanpungki

This is bite sized boneless fried chicken seasoned with soy and lemon sauce. We utterly loved this, and the shredded leek topping added a good kick to the flavour. For their medium portion @ S$22, you get 14 pieces of these delightful chicken bites.

Unlike the soy and garlic sauce in the chicken wings, these kkanpungki had soy and lemon instead, and it provided a great balance to the sweet garlicky taste from the wingettes. If you want to know what this dish tastes like, just imagine delicious soy sauce with lemon juice drizzled over fried chicken bites with great crispiness. The shredded leek provides the best complement to it by providing a great zany aftertaste. We rate this 4.1/5.


Twins Korean Fried Chicken Bean Powder Snow Bingsoo

Bean Powder Snow Bingsoo

Snow bingsoo is basically milk ice kacang, and you get the fragrance from the milk directly infused into the ice shavings. This is an exquisite dish with bean powder and red beans right on top. They also provide a small portion of condensed milk for you to pour into the dessert. Mix everything nice and well (really mix it very well) and you will have a really unique dessert. We rate this dessert 3.8/5. They also have their mango snow bingsoo and chocolate bingsoo desserts – those combinations sound like heavenly matches.


Twins Korean Fried Chicken Bill

The bill


Twins Korean Fried Chicken Interior

Final Thoughts

Fans of Korean food will have to try this place. As with the consensus amongst most of the commentators, Twins Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant has one of the best and most delicious Korean fried chicken in Singapore. If you are thoroughly satisfied with the taste, the priciness really seems secondary.

We found the ambience here really great as well, and its a really good place to chill out after work. They tout some really good honey or vanilla ice cream beer @ S$14.50 per glass.

However, if you are like us and while we found the Korean fried chicken here really nice, it was not the most exceptional. As such, we were left ruing the S$58.30 bill for the equivalent of 10 pieces of fried chicken wings and one milk ice kacang.


info  Twins Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant

7 Craig Rd, Singapore 089667

Take the MRT to Tanjong Pagar station – Google Maps

Signature items:
Spicy yangnyum fried chicken, soy & garlic fried chicken wings, soy & lemon kkanpungki, ice cream beer, snow bingsoo

Opening Hours:
Daily from 1100-1500hrs and 1700-0000hrs, closed first Sunday of the month

+65 9006 3875


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