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Shop online, earn cashback!

We came across a while ago – if you already shop or book your holidays online regularly or use FoodPanda to get food deliveries, ShopBack is really free money. Yes, you get no-strings-attached cashback of up to 10% for your purchases.

How does this work? Sign up on their website and click on a retailer that you wish to make a purchase from. ShopBack will direct you to the retailer’s website, and you can make your purchase like you usually do.

For every pruchase that ShopBack refers to their merchants, they get a commission, and ShopBack will pass a portion of the commission back to their customers! Once your cashback hits S$10, you will be able to transfer the money to your bank account. It’s that simple.

Available at ShopBack are many major online travel retailers such as Agoda, Expedia, Zuji, and; fashion and discount retailers such as Lazada, Groupon, Taobao, Zalora and Sephora; as well as the transport and delivery retailers FoodPanda and Uber.

They are no small potatoes, with a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and India.


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ShopBack – Online Shopping for Travel Deals

We are most amazed by the travel cashback deals. For Expedia and Zuji, hotels give an 8% cashback, and flights a 1% cashback. With and, you get a flat 6% cashback on your spend. That means if you hotel booking costs $1000, you can get a cashback of $60! Its free money. Unfortunately our favourite Agoda only gives a S$10 cashback for bookings above USD$50. That is still free money and exceptional value, if you book a short nearby getaway. A USD$50 hotel booking with Agoda will give you close to a 20% cashback of S$10.

This is nuts. So people nowadays already go to these discount travel sites to get the best deals, and ShopBack simply adds to the already insane discounts.


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ShopBack – Dining, Delivery & Discount Sales

At ShopBack, you can save with a FoodPanda coupon. They have a 8% cashback on the food cost (not the delivery fees). Well, the delivery fees are usually just about S$3, and if your order is large enough, the 8% cashback is really a big deal. E.g. a S$50 order from a restaurant will give you S$4 cashback, which is basically free delivery!

Check out their Burger King offers, some of the latest dining deals and their best online shopping coupons. These are serious discounts on things that you would ordinarily buy.

Final Thoughts

We love it! ShopBack is free money and it’s great. Try it and you won’t be able to stop using it. We didn’t use ShopBack much until we were invited to have a closer look at their website, and we are delighted with what we found!

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