The Masses – Another Great Creation by Saveur’s Co-Founder

The Masses Singapore-Store Front

The storefront of The Masses

David and I have been fans of Saveur’s cheap and good food, especially their famous Duck Leg Confit. The food at Saveur has never disappointed us. When we heard about the opening of a new restaurant – The Masses,  opened by one of the co-founders of Saveur, we decided to pay it a visit. However, the restaurant is really busy on weekends and we failed to make a reservation on a weekend night despite repeated attempts.

Finally, after a couple of weeks, we managed to snag reservation at The Masses on a Sunday night.


The Masses Singapore – Interior 1


The Masses Singapore-Menu 1The Masses Singapore – Menu 2The Masses Singapore – Menu 3

Service and Ordering

The Masses has a very simple 5-page menu, serving affordable food ranging from starters, main courses, desserts and drinks. Most of the food are priced below S$20. The choices of food and their prices here are somewhat similar to Saveur’s. But the atmosphere at The Masses is definitely better and more suitable for a gathering with friends and family.

You can find Western Fusion with the elements of French and Japanese here at The Masses. The chef recommendations in the menu are a bit different from what the waiter recommended. We were recommended dishes like The Egg (Hot), Foie Gras, C&C Pastas, Duck Leg Confit, Duroc Pork Loin, US Short Ribs and desserts like Deep Fried Camembert and Popsicle. There are also some exotic food choices like Aus Frementle Octopus Tentacle and Roasted Bone Narrow.


The Masses Singapore-The Egg2

The Masses – The Egg

Before we headed to The Masses, I had already marked my target on one of the starters – The Egg. I have seen quite a few of good reviews of this rendition of Japanese Chawanmushi online. We ordered the hot version of The Egg as per recommended by the waiter. Upon serving of the dish, we were astounded by the generous serving of the Ikura and Tobiko. There was literally a pile of them served together with handmade potato chips on top of the soft steamed egg. The combination of the three elements is brilliant and I loved it so much that I almost ordered another serving! With the addition of Beurre Noistte (hazelnut butter sauce), the savoury dish was even more addictive at the warm temperature.  The Egg is reasonably priced at S$9 and we rate the jolly dish at super delicious 4.4/5.


The Masses Singapore – CC Pasta

The Masses – C&C Pasta

C&C Pasta is one of the recommended dishes at The Masses Singapore. The dish is served cold and is available in both starter and main sizes. We ordered the starter size so that we could save some space for the other items. The “C&C” in the name represents Crab and Caviar. The cold and thin angel pasta reminds me of the iconic starter at Saveur – Saveur’s Pasta. Instead of Sakura ebi and chili oil at Saveur, the pasta at The Masses is topped with loads of crab meat prepared in lobster thick sauce and black caviar. There are a lot of positive reviews of C&C Pasta online, but personally, I still find warm pasta much more appetising than the cold ones. A starter size of C&C Pasta is priced at S$9 while the main size costs S$14.90. We rate it 4/5.


The Masses Singapore Duck Confit

The Masses – Duck Confit

Out of the curiosity, we have also tried the Duck Leg Confit at The Masses. We couldn’t help to compare it with the Saveur’s rendition, which is possibly one of the best ones in Singapore. We’re glad to say that the Duck Leg Confit at The Masses carries on the standard from Saveur. The meat is tender and juicy with ample amount of Foie Gras Sauce and topped with candied orange. A potato croquette is being used here in place of the usual mash potato. A serving of Duck Leg Confit only costs S$12.90 and we rate it a staggering 4.5/5, which is comparable with Saveur’s Duck Confit.

One of the tricks with this dish is the type of bowl used. It keeps the delicious juicy liquids towards the centre of the bowl, where the duck is located. As such the duck is juicy and really really nice.


The Masses Singapore – Deep Fried Camembert

The Masses – Deep Fried Camembert

We decided to end our meal with a pretty unique dessert – Deep Fried Camembert. Before our visit, we had already planned to try this considering the high ratings online. We were even more assured of this decision when we heard the patrons at the next table sing endless praises of it. The deep fried cheese is served together with Yogurt Ice Cream, Gula Melaka Granola and Fruit Enzyme. I love the combination of deep fried cheese and yogurt ice cream. But I guess I would enjoyed even more without the Gula Melaka Granola and the lavender buds. A word of reminder here, do not take too much time taking photos of the dessert as the supposedly gooey cheese gets harden in no time.


The Masses Singapore – Interior 2

Final Thoughts

The Masses is one of the best places in Singapore for affordable casual dining. Even though it might be difficult to make a reservation on a weekend night, you have to make a trip down and try the awesome food here. We highly recommend the Duck Confit and The Egg. I would definitely be coming back for more!

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info  The Masses Singapore

85 Beach Rd, Singapore 189694

Take the MRT to Bugis and take the Exit D. Walk for 7 mins along Rochor Road then Beach Road. – Google Maps

Signature items:
C&C Pasta, The Egg

Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 12 p.m – 9 p.m; Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 12 p.m – 12 a.m; Sunday: 12 p.m – 9 p.m

+65 6266 0061

The Masses Singapore

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