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Open Door Policy-Storefront

Storefront of Open Door Policy

If you’re searching for a nice bistro for a healthy meal and a nice chit chat session with your friends, Open Door Policy might be the right place for you. We know that there is a lot of good food in Tiong Bahru. But did you know about this 100 per cent gluten-free and dairy-free bistro smack right within the centre of the neighbourhood?

We were invited down to Open Door Policy for a tasting of their newly revamped a la carte menu.


Open Door Policy-interior 1

The edible plants work as decorations as well as food ingredients!


Open Door Policy-interior 2

Open Door Policy-A la carte menuOpen Door Policy-Brunch menuOpen Door Policy-Lunch menuOpen Door Policy-Drinks menu

Service and Ordering

There is a wide selection of food available at Open Door Policy. They have separate menus for brunch, lunch set, a la carte items and drinks. The food here is all 100 per cent gluten-free and dairy-free. Some of the items from their lunch and a la carte menu are vegan-friendly as well.


Open Door Policy-Avocado Jumbo Lump Crab Salad

Open Door Policy – Avocado Jumbo Lump Crab Salad

The Avocado Jumbo Lump Crab Salad (SGD$25) is topped with sweet corns, salted egg yolk crumble and served with charcoal gluten-free fried bread. The mildly spicy and sour salad is definitely appetizing. Given my love for avocado and the addictive charcoal gluten-free fried bread, this is my favourite starter dish at Open Door Policy and we rate it 4.1/5.


Open Door Policy-Warm Wasabi Greenpea Scallop Soup

Open Door Policy – Warm Wasabi Greenpea Scallop Soup

The hearty soup uses green pea, fennel and wasabi as the main ingredients. The big Hokkaido scallops are seared to its perfect tenderness and served together with the soup. The light wasabi hint gives the soup an addictive kick and rest assured that the soup is mildly spicy and soothing. Don’t forget to dip the crispy fried focaccia bread (gluten-free) in the soup before drinking. You’ll love it! A serving of the Warm Wasabi Greenpea Scallop Soup costs SGD$23 and we rate it 4/5.


Open Door Policy-Garden Lemonade Mocktail

Garden Lemonade Mocktail – The sweet and sour taste is well balanced and pretty appetizing.


Open Door Policy – Beetroot Salad

Open Door Policy – Pickled Beetroot Salad

This is another salad choice to kick start of your meal. The Pickled Beetroot Salad (SGD$18) is a starter suitable for the vegans. The warm pickled beetroot was served with wild rockets, hazelnuts, sweet pomelo flesh and marinated tofu. The salad has a light tangy taste but it was too healthy for me so it gets a 3.5/5.


Open Door Policy – Watercress Soup

Watercress Soup

The rich watercress soup (SGD$18) will surely make you feel nostalgia for the good old home-cooked Chinese soup. This is a creamier version of the usual Chinese Watercress Soup. The soup is served with an organic poached egg and sweet wolfberries. The soup also comes together with the delicious gluten-free fried bread. We rate it 3.8/5.


Open Door Policy-Vegetable Tempura

Open Door Policy – Vegetable Tempura Risotto

Vegetable Tempura Risotto (SGD$25) is also a vegan-friendly dish. Even though the dish is totally meatless, dairy-free and gluten free, the taste of the risotto is strong and true. The potato based risotto rice is so comforting with its light flavour. The crispy vegetable tempura includes okra, baby carrots, oyster mushroom and broccoli that were battered with rice flour and deep fried. We rate it 4/5.


Open Door Policy-Sous-Vide Salmon

Open Door Policy – Sous-Vide Salmon

I love salmon. The Sous-Vide salmon at Open Door Policy is definitely one of the better ones out there. The salmon was marinated in thyme and garlic and cooked sous-vide to its perfect tenderness. The salmon is then served with the miso chili daikon broth. The fork-tender salmon is served along side with cherry tomatoes and milk cabbage. What a healthy yet delicious dish! A serving of the Sous-Vide Salmon is priced at SGD$32 and we rate it 4.2/5.


Open Door Policy-Spaghetti Alle Vongole

Spaghetti Alle Vongole

The Japanese styled spaghetti has a generous serving of sweet white clams. A unique Japanese white miso sauce is used here in place of the usual cream sauce. The serving of spaghetti is pretty generous as well, good for those hungry souls that crave for a big serving of noodles. A bowl of Spaghetti Alle Vongole costs SGD$28 and we rate it 3.8/5.


Open Door Policy-Pan Seared Threadfin

Open Door Policy – Pan Seared Threadfin

The Pan Seared Threadfin is served with the appetizing Thai Mango Salad that gives a sweet and spicy flavour. Alongside is some oven roasted potatoes and toppings like Sakura Shrimp that is imported from Japan. Each serving of Pan Seared Threadfin costs SGD$32 and we rate it 3.9/5.


Open Door Policy-Roasted Pork Rack

Roasted Pork Rack ($38) – The Pork rack was marinated in 5-spice and oven roasted, topped with fragrant sweet & spicy pineapple sauce 3.6/5

Open Door Policy-dairy-free apple crumble dessert 2

Open Door Policy-dairy-free apple crumble dessert

Open Door Policy – Dairy-Free Apple Crumble Dessert

The Dairy-Free Apple Crumble Dessert (SGD$16) is one of the signature items at Open Door Policy. Even as someone who doesn’t fancy apple pie (me), I have been bought over by the Open Door Policy’s apple based dessert. The sous-vide apple chunks are marinated in 8 different spices and that explains the flavour explosion as soon as you bite on one. The addictive crumble is made with crunchy oat flour and extra virgin coconut oil. The cashew nut milk crème anglais that is served together boosts the apple crumble dessert to a whole new level. I couldn’t stop myself from scooping for more crumble even thought I was super full! We rate this delicious treat 4.4/5.


Open Door Policy- cashew nut milk custard dessert

Cashew Nut Milk Custard (SGD$16) – Milk custard that uses cashew nut milk in place of dairy milk topped with bitter-sweet chocolate tuille. 4/5


Open Door Policy-Calamansi Chocolate Tart

Calamansi Chocolate Tart (SGD$16) – 3.8/5


Chef Ryan Clift and Chef Freddy Ang

Owner Chef, Ryan Clift (left) and Assistant Head Chef Freddy Ang

The Team Behind Open Door Policy

The award winning owner chef – Ryan Clift has an remarkable biography in his culinary career. There are countless awards and appearances listed across the world. If you have ever heard of Tippling Club at Tanjong Pagar (previously at Dempsey Hill), you would be surprised that Ryan is also the man behind this establishment that was ranked in The Miele Guide Asia’s Top 20 and no.36 of the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. The Assistant Head Chef at Open Door Policy, Freddy Ang has also accumulated more than 10 years of culinary experience. As an expert in creating gluten-free pasta and pastries, Freddy works hand in hand with Ryan in producing delicious food with a GFDF spin.


Open Door Policy-seeds

You can also grab a bag of plants seeds home from Open Door Policy, free of charge!

Final Thoughts

Open Door Policy offer a wide selections of gluten-free and dairy-free food including less sinful desserts. We could tell the team’s constant effort in creating flavourful dishes by replicating the same flavours of butter and gluten with different ingredients. Also notice that the folks behind Open Door Policy have been refreshing their menu from time to time. You will never get tired of the food they offer! This is a perfect place for the health-conscious folks to chill out with friends over a meal and have a drink or two.

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info  Open Door Policy

 39 Seah St, Singapore 188395

Take bus no.33 /63/851/970 to Blk 55 stop and walk for 8 – 9 mins to Open Door Policy. – Google Maps

Signature items:
Braised Veal Ossobuco, Dairy-Free Apple Crumble

Opening Hours:
Lunch: Mon – Fri 12pm – 5pm; Dinner: Mon – Thurs & Sun 6pm – 11pm, Fri & Sat 6pm – 12am; Brunch: Sat, Sun & PH 11am – 4pm. Closed on Tuesdays

+65 6221 9307

Open Door Policy

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