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Burger Up- storefront

The storefront of BurgerUp @ Northpoint City

BurgerUp is a homegrown burger joint selling the most delicious burgers that we have tasted in a very long time. The burgers here at BurgerUp are all made to order, so expect to wait at least 10 minutes for your burgers to be ready. Also, the burgers here may look like mini-burgers, but don’t be fooled. Each super thick burger patty comes with 65 grams of meat. As a comparison, the typical burger patty from a fast food restaurant comes with only about 45 grams of meat.

The burgers at the BurgerUp Express joint at Northpoint City are called sliders, and their combos come with two sliders, fries and a drink for between S$9 and S$10.

When we first got the invite to try some burgers at this newly opened outlet, we were a bit meh, its just burgers. However, we were pretty blown away when we took the first bite into these delicious gourmet creations. Do read on for more of our thoughts. If you are in a rush and need to quickly choose, we’d recommend the Chicken and Beef burger sliders.


Burger Up- Chicken Slider 1

More About BurgerUp

BurgerUp currently has two outlets, one at Northpoint City’s South Wing #B2-113, and the other at Punggol Waterway Point #B2-06. At the date of this review they have not actually updated the address for their new Northpoint City outlet. The concepts of the two outlets are different as well. The one at Punggol is actually a full service restaurant with proper full-sized burgers and other main dishes like pastas. The BurgerUp Express outlet at Northpoint City sells the smaller burger sliders. Also, as we understand the Punggol Waterway Point outlet is Halal certified, while the outlet at Northpoint Express is pending certification together with all the eateries that just opened at Northpoint City.

To reiterate, the burger sliders here aren’t actually mini-burgers, as each burger patty is super thick and is actually meatier than a normal meat patty. What we like about the concept at BurgerUp Express is that the combos allow you to try two different varieties of burger sliders. So for a (relatively) small amount of money, you essentially can get two delicious burger flavours with ample amounts of meat, and less carbs because of the smaller buns! Contrast this with a normal burger joint where you pay the same amount of money for a single burger which is basically just one flavour, less meat, and more bun.

Also, did we say that the burger sliders here are really incredibly delicious? All the burger patties are made fresh daily by hand at their central kitchen at Admiralty, and you can taste the difference.


Burger Up- Chicken Slider 2

BurgerUp Chicken Slider

The Chicken Slider comes with 65gm of chicken, a sesame bun, mayo, sliced tomato, coral green, emmental cheese, sliced cheese and BBQ sauce. No preservatives. If you look carefully at the ingredient list, there is some amazing attention to detail by the chef. The minced chicken patty is super tender and infused with the most amazing flavours. The emmental cheese is baked until a super crispy texture, and combined with the touch of BBQ sauce, you won’t be faulted for thinking that there is some super delicious bacon inside. And you have another layer of soft melted cheese that wraps around the chicken patty. Also, they actually use coral green lettuce instead of your regular lettuce, and you can taste the flavour enhancements.

The super thick and flavourful minced chicken patty combines incredibly well with the crispy bacon-like emmental cheese and the melted cheddar cheese to produce the most incredible burger that I can remember eating. We’ve dined at fancy upmarket restaurants and tried really expensive burgers with gourmet meat, but none of the ones that we have tried are able to match the taste of this incredible Chicken Slider from BurgerUp. We’re shocked.

We rate this Chicken Slider 4.6/5, and finally after such a long while we have a new entry in our The Ultimate Taste category. The chef is extremely confident about the taste consistency given the central kitchen and the stringent standards that go into making the burger sliders here, so do share with us in the comments your thoughts about this burger.


Burger Up- Chicken Slider 3

Cross section of the delicious Chicken Slider @ BurgerUp Express


Burger Up- Fish Slider 3

BurgerUp Fish Slider

The Fish Slider comes with 65gm of fish, a sesame bun, mayo, tomato slices, coral green lettuce, cheddar cheese slices and tartar sauce. While the fish burger does not come with that crispy emmental cheese, we must say that the super fresh dory fish coupled with the glorious melted cheddar cheese and the mayonnaise is incredibly delicious. The dory fish patty is juicy and flavourful, and the combination gives rise to a super delicious flavour explosion.

We were not as blown away as compared to the Chicken Slider, but we must say that this Fish Slider is one of the most delicious fish burgers that we have ever eaten. We rate this 4.4/5.


Burger Up- Fish Slider 1

The delicious Fish Slider…


Burger Up- Fish Slider 2

… and here’s a cross-section shot, you can see the juiciness in the fish


Burger Up- Beef Slider 1

BurgerUp Beef Slider

Usually in our reviews, we do get a bit lazy. So we spend time talking about the signature items at a particular food outlet, and we give minimal information about the other food items.

BurgerUp is a place where we were impressed with all their burger sliders. The Beef Slider is right up there together with the Chicken Slider. It comes with 65gm of beef, a charcoal bun, mayo, tomato slices, coral green lettuce, crispy emmental cheese, melted cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce.

The beef patty is no ordinary beef patty. If you look closely at our cross-section shot below, you will see a delicious concoction of herbs and spices that have found their way into this super thick beef patty. So we have this super delicious beef patty, coupled with the crispy emmental cheese on BBQ sauce together with melted cheddar cheese and coral greens! The end result is another heavenly creation, and this is probably one of the most delicious beef burgers that we have ever tried. We rate the Beef Slider 4.5/5.


Burger Up- Beef Slider 2

We hope you can taste the burger through this ridiculously delicious cross-section shot


Burger Up- Lamb Slider 1

BurgerUp Lamb Slider

If you look closely at the picture above, you will see that there’s… melted cheese infused into the lamb patty! The Lamb Slider comes with 65gm of lamb, a charcoal bun, mayo, tomato slices, coral green lettuce, crispy emmental cheese, cheddar cheese slices and BBQ sauce.

Yes we are a fan of lamb. You can hardly find lamb burgers around. Also, we are fans of melted cheese infused into the lamb. This is fantastic! The taste of this bun is similar to their Beef Slider, with the stronger lamb flavour. And well, yes, melted cheese. We rate this super delicious bun 4.3/5.


Burger Up- Lamb Slider 2

Glorious melted cheese infused into the lamb patty


Burger Up- Fish Bites 2

The BurgerUp Sides!

There’s two really delicious snacks in their Bite-sized Snacks menu, the Breaded Mushroom and Fish Bites. As you can see from the picture above, the Fish Bites are no ordinary fish fingers. These are super juicy dory fish! Most fish fingers are dry and typical but the ones here are really a step up. We also enjoyed the Breaded Mushroom, which is deep fried and juicy on the inside as well. You can get these at S$4.50 each.


Burger Up- Chicken Slider 2

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best burgers that we have ever had. We’re not sure how they did it for the price range, but BurgerUp has made gourmet burgers for under S$10, and they are much better than the burgers you can get at any restaurant. It’s unfortunate that their fantastic burger sliders are only available at Northpoint City in Yishun. If there was a BurgerUp outlet near my office in town, you could be sure that I would be grabbing these very often.

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info  BurgerUp Express

930 Yishun Ave 2, Northpoint City South Wing #B2-113, Singapore 427588

Take the MRT to Yishun station and walk – Google Maps

Signature items:
Burger sliders

Opening Hours:
Daily from 1030-2200hrs

+65 6570 0203


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