Sanrio’s My Melody Cafe has arrived in Singapore!

My Melody Cafe storefront

The storefront of My Melody Cafe

Sanrio’s My Melody Cafe has arrived in Singapore! The super cute white rabbit is known for her portrayal of little red riding hood in her version of the classic fairy tale in Japan. You would have seen her in the famous television series The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends. You can expect the super cute renditions of My Melody all over the cafe! There’s a life sized figure together with the super cute pink-themed goodness inside the cafe. This is perfect for families with kids or those with inner-cravings of all things cute and cuddly.

My Melody Cafe has been brought into Singapore by the same people behind Singapore’s Gudetama Cafe, and they are next to each other at Suntec City’s West Wing. They are located in the vicinity of the escalators leading to the Suntec Convention Centre.



My Melody Cafe interior

My Melody Cafe – Pink Everywhere!!!

Oh my goodness. Probably the most incredible pink-themed cafe that we have seen in Singapore to date. Everything is so cute and Instagrammable. As usual, the appeal in these themed cafes lies in the gorgeousness and cuteness of the food as well as everything else that can be found in the cafe. You pay a premium for these and most fans are happy to do so.

We found the food pretty alright, and we were very impressed with their Princess Bunny dish, which is basically Japanese Curry Rice with chicken karaage. I’m a fan of all things curry, be it Indian, Japanese or Chinese and I would be happy to come and eat this again. Don’t expect out of this world flavours but the dish in itself is very satisfying.


Princess Bunny – My Melody Cafe

My Melody Cafe – Princess Bunny

We always hear the usual complaints about the pricing at such themed cafes. Essentially it boils down to the cost involved in the preparation of a dish. In a usual cafe, the substantial portion of the cost of a dish goes into the ingredients. At themed cafes, the main cost is in the preparation time required as well as the design premium. As you can imagine, it takes a very long time to arrange all the elements of this super cute dish! The shape and flatness of the rice, as well as the even distribution of the karaage, carrots, mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts within the dish is a very time consuming process.

That said, we would have enjoyed the dish much more if there was more chicken karaage. There were five pieces and we were craving more after gobbling everything up. The chicken karaage is crispy and nice with very flavourful curry. It is priced at S$18.90.


Hola Taco – My Melody Cafe

My Melody – Hola Taco

If we can quote the press release:

Drawing inspiration from the bunny’s birthplace, the forest of Maryland, this dish boasts a well-orchestrated balance of textures and flavours from melt-in-mouth Bulgogi beef and crunchy taco shells. Served alongside with romaine lettuce, fresh berries and tropical salsa, this is one addictive dish that is not to be missed!

We were busy taking a ton of photos so we were not able to munch on this when it was piping hot. That said, we can fault the mix of ingredients and you can tell that the cafe put a lot of effort into fine-tuning the taste of their dishes. Not the mention more kawaii cuteness! This is priced at S$25.00.


I Heart you Chicken Waffles - My Melody Cafe

My Melody – Little Pink Riding Hood & I Heart You Chicken Waffles

The Little Pink Riding Hood is on the left, priced at S$23.90 – My Melody Cafe says it is:

A homage to My Melody’s iconic pink hood, this “egg-citing’ offering features flavourful smoked salmon and picnic ham blanketed with poached eggs drizzled with pink hollandaise sauce. Served with fruit salad and a bed of crunchy Japanese cucumbers, this dish promises a dance of sensations on the palate.

The dish on the right is the I Heart You Chicken Waffles priced at S$23.

Crispy chicken with thousand island dressing, asparagus and romaine lettuce on heart-shaped pink waffles, served with fresh mixed-berry salad.


Pancakes Bliss – My Melody Cafe

Pancakes Bliss

Priced at S$23:

Fluffy buttermilk pancakes and grilled Chicken Caesar with mentaiko dressing served with broccoli, asparagus, picnic ham and fresh mixed berries.


My Melodys Strawberry Surprise - My Melody Cafe

My Melody’s Strawberry Surprise

Priced at S$16.90:

Fluffy buttermilk waffles with pink butter cream and fresh strawberries.


Treasures of Maryland – Playtime Fondue - My Melody Cafe

Treasures of Maryland & Playtime Fondue

On the left, we have the Treasures of Maryland at S$19.50:

Buttery brioche toast loaded with vanilla soft serve, macarons, mixed berries and strawberry sticks drizzled with maple syrup, strawberry jam and chocolate sauce.

On the right, we have the Playtime Fondue at S$22.50:

Rich and creamy pink chocolate fondue perfect for dipping vanilla sponge cakes, strawberries, cotton candies, butter cookies, marshmallows and My Melody macaron.


Strawberry Dream – My Melody Cafe

Strawberry Dream – S$12.90


My Melody Cafe Drinks

Assorted drinks ranging from S$6 – S$16. From the left: Strawberry Garden, Enchanted Woods, On Cloud Nine, Merry Go Round Donut


My Melody Cafe - Floral Sunset


My Melody Cafe - Aerial View

Final Thoughts

We give My Melody Cafe 10/10 for all the pink super cuteness! The food decorations are immaculate and amazingly Instagrammable. They have a super wide variety of offerings amongst their mains, desserts and drinks – the die-hard fans will be able to come back again and again for more photos and cuteness.

As with all themed cafes, you pay more for the effort that has to go into the design preparation of each dish. If this is your cup of tea, we give it our recommendation.

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info  My Melody Cafe Singapore

3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #01-361, Singapore 038983

Take the MRT to Promenade or Esplanade and walk to the west wing (next to Gudetama Cafe) – Google Maps

Signature items:
My Melody themed dishes

Opening Hours:
1000-2230 hrs



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