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I made this site, from scratch.

Trader. I am also a geek. I used to be a lawyer. I can really write better articles but I’m lazy.

Favourite cities – Paris, London

Favourite foods – Roast duck, spaghetti carbonara, scrambled eggs, nasi lemak, bak chor mee, fried rice, katsu don, foie gras, duck confit, bratwurst, currywurst



Currently does not have a profile description.

Because she objected to the one that I wrote for her in a very, very vehement way.

Favourite cities – None, a nature lover

Favourite foods – Too many to list

Our Philosophy

We strive to provide honest, useful and critical reviews of the best food places and travel destinations.

Honest – Our reviews will say it like it is. If the food or attraction is good, we will say it is good. If it can be improved, we will say so. If it is bad, we generally will not bother wasting a post on it.

Useful – We give our readers all the information that you need in our articles so that you do not need to go anywhere else. We strive to provide the most original and insightful content that can be found on the web.

Critical – We will observe all the issues that we find and we will let our readers be aware of them. Nonetheless, we strive to be as fair as possible to the proprietors and we will update our reviews once any issues have been addressed.

We may not have special training in the culinary arts. However, we have an ample amount of passion for food and travel. When it comes to our favourite cuisines or dishes, we have probably eaten at more food places for those than the best chefs themselves. Yes, we are food hunters and we love going all over the world looking for the most delicious food.


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