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More detailed Taiwan travel guides are coming up. Like our Facebook page and follow our Instagram to keep yourself updated! Taiwan Itinerary Day 4 Breakfast at Beacon Hotel Xinshe Sea of Flowers Xinshe Castle Xinshe Mushroom Farm Lavender Cottage Rainbow Village Gaomei Wetlands Fengjia Night Market <- Taiwan Day 3       Taiwan […]

Taiwan Itinerary Day 4 – Taiwan 8D7N | Taichung – ...

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More detailed Taiwan travel guides are coming up. Like our Facebook page and follow our Instagram to keep yourself updated. Taiwan Itinerary Day 3 Cingjing Minsu – Julie’s Garden Cingjing Farm – Green Green Grassland Carton King Small Swiss Garden Taichung Beacon Hotel Miyahara Yi Zhong Street Ah Ming Shi Lao Dian Tai […]

Taiwan Itinerary Day 3 – Taiwan 8D7N | Cingjing – ...

Taiwan Itinerary Day 2 Chishingtan Scenic Area Hualien Hotel Bayview Zeng Ji Muah Chee Taroko Gorge Hehuanshan Cingjing Homestay – Julie’s Garden   <- Taiwan Day 1Taiwan Day 3 ->   Taiwan Itinerary Day 2 – Road Trip from Hualien to Cingjing Welcome to the second day of our Taiwan itinerary! This […]

Taiwan Itinerary Day 2 – Taiwan 8D7N | Taroko – ...

Guide to Singapore’s Orchard Road – Ion Orchard HDR
A couple of years back on Christmas Day, I was wondering around Orchard Road with my nifty mirrorless camera doing some street photography. The pictures had been sitting in my hard disk ever since, until now. As local Singaporeans, we have decided to do up a Guide to Orchard Road […]

Guide to Singapore’s Orchard Road

10 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong - Food Collage - thehungrygeek
We love Hong Kong! It is a bustling metropolis that is a melting pot of the East and the West, with both English and Chinese as the official languages of Hong Kong. English is used widely in commercial and legal matters, while Cantonese is used by a majority of the residents at […]

10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Hong Kong

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    On HK day 5, we went on a one-day trip to Asia’s well-known gambling mecca and paradise for gourmands – Macau! Macau is a city with a combination of Portuguese historical heritage and traditional Chinese culture.   HK Day 5 Tsui Wah Restaurant Hong Kong -> Macau The Venetian […]

Macau Day Trip Nov 2015 – HK Day 5 Itinerary

thehungrygeek HK day 2 collage
  On HK day 2, other than eating at the famous eateries in Hong Kong, guess where are we heading today……… Yes, we’re going to the biggest theme park in Hong Kong — OCEAN PARK! Besides being a fun amusement park with thrilling rides, it’s also a marine mammal park, oceanarium and […]

Hong Kong Trip Nov 2015 – HK Day 2 Itinerary

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It’s DECEMBER — the most anticipated month of the year! Wondering where to experience the Christmas atmosphere in this festive season? Christmas Toyland and Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay are MUST GOES this year!   Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay   Christmas Wonderland, Singapore’s biggest yuletide fair, was created to enthral […]

Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay 2015!

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  We were so excited for this Hong Kong trip that we’ve been longing for and started packing since a week ago 🙂 Based on weather forecast, the temperature during this time of the year in Hong Kong is between 18-26 degree Celsius. We weren’t sure of how cold/hot it would be (well […]

Hong Kong Trip Nov 2015 – HK Day 1 Itinerary