For Kee 科記咖啡餐室 – Pork Chop

Hong Kong is famous for its pork chop. There are fanatical pork chop stalls that specialize in this delicious and sinful meat dish. As someone from Singapore I was quite astounded by this, and delightful at the same time. I love meat and pork chop or pork cutlet in particular. I would always savour the pork cutlet at Hainanese curry rice stalls. How did For Kee’s famous pork chop fare?

We were exhausted as it was our first day in Hong Kong from a red-eye flight and we were tremendously sleep deprived. Nonetheless, I put For Kee high up on the list for their famous pork chop. While the address of the place indicates that the shop is along Hollywood Road, it is not. The shop is located along Pound Lane. It is a small road off Hollywood Road.


Once you walk a bit further in, you should see the For Kee storefront on your right.


For Kee Pork Chop

For Kee Pork Chop

Upon entering the food stall we got our first experience of ‘Hong Kong service’. There was this lady staff who had this perpetual scowl on her face – it gave us the feeling that she would be happier if we had given the shop a miss.

From our prior research we found out that For Kee was opened by a Chinese medical practitioner who opened For Kee to give people a healthier alternative to what was available at the time. Ya right, healthy pork chop LOL. Well, I guess the ‘healthiness’ did show a little in the taste of the pork chop.

When the plate arrived the pork chop looked delicious! There was that delicious special soy sauce drizzled around the pork chop on top of the rice. It was classic. Biting into the pork chop however, presented a complex feeling. The sauce seemed to have been ‘nerfed’ or detuned – it could have been so much more delicious I guess, but that would detract from the so-called ‘healthiness’ of this dish. Also the pork chop didn’t have the perfect tenderness, it was slightly tougher than expected and it didn’t give us the oomph that we were looking forward to. We rate their pork chop 3.7/5.

We did have a big upside to our visit though. We had to share a table with this local auntie who was super-friendly. She spent most of our meal trying to communicate with my partner in Cantonese, and even gave us half of the herbal soup she was having despite our refusals. Perhaps we looked pitiful sharing the one plate of pork chop – honestly it was because we were exploding from the breakfast on the airplane followed by our trip to Kam Wah where we stuffed ourselves. I did try to secretly pay for her food but I was thwarted by their staff – they let her know and she again was very good at stopping me from paying. I guess most of the unfriendly people in Hong Kong seem to be clustered in their service line.


Final Thoughts

Do give it a try if you’re in the area, as it’s not the easiest eatery to access from the MTR. If you’re going to Macau as well, you may prefer Tai Lei Loi Kei’s pork chop instead.


info  For Kee – Pork Chop

Shop J-K 200 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

MTR to Sheung Wan, take the A2 exit and walk to your left down Hillier St, turning right at Bonham Strand, and left to Bonham Strand (yes, this is not a typo, Bonham Strand forks to the left with the road straight changing to Wing Lok St), down past Queen’s Road towards Possession St and left along Hollywood Rd, followed by a right towards Pound Lane – Google Maps

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday from 0700-1630hrs, Saturday from 0700-1530hrs, closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Signature items:
Pork Chop

+852 2546 8947

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