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Lola's Cafe Interior

The storefront of Lola’s Cafe

Lola’s Cafe has taken the Singapore hipster cafe scene by storm. Opened in May 2013, Lola’s Cafe has quickly risen to become one of the top destinations for the young and trendy. Riding on the success of their super popular truffle fries and honey paprika crispy wings, you will almost always meet with a long queue when you come to dine at this cafe.

How good is the food there now? If you’re looking to drop by for a taste, continue on with our article.


Lola's Cafe Menu 1Lola's Cafe Menu 2

Service and Ordering

Lola’s Cafe has to be commended for their service. While they do not taking reservations, they have a state of the art queue system that automatically notifies you by phone when your table is about to be ready. We were thoroughly impressed by their innovation in this area. Now if only there were more interesting things and places nearby to spend the 15-30 minutes of waiting time. We suggest calling before going down to check on the queue situation.

They have their two star dishes right at the top of the menu in the ‘Starters’ section. Now, the fries is a humongous serving and with the chicken wings these can only be considered ‘Starters’ if you order one to share amongst at least four people. Also, if you just order one truffle fries and one honey paprika crispy wings, these will set you back a cool S$26 after including service and taxes. You are paying a huge premium for their popular items.


Lola's Cafe Truffle Fries

Lola’s Cafe Truffle Fries

This may be controversial but I benchmark fries against McDonald’s french fries. No matter how many premium highly rated fries that I try at hipster cafes, often paying upwards of S$10 for each serving, a great majority of the time these ‘premium fries’ do not match up to the taste of McDonald’s fries. I guess that is unavoidable once you realise that there are 19 ingredients that go into McDonald’s fries. When the ingredient list was released to the public by McDonald’s you could imagine the shock on people’s faces. In response, McDonald’s had to produce a detailed video showing how they make their fries.

Coming back to Lola’s fries, these match up very well against McDonald’s. The truffle fragrance is scintillating and they prepare the fries to a near perfect level of crispiness. Couple that with the huge serving in the bowl, you will be a very happy camper if you are a fries fan. We rate their truffle fries 4.2/5. You MUST get one serving of this if you ever go to Lola’s. These are priced at S$12 😯

We would have rated them higher but we noticed a slight regression from our first visit. Their fries are no longer uniformly crispy, you will get a portion of them at the perfect crispiness level, while some of them are just a slight bit too soft. We do not know if we were just unlucky, but we hope Lola’s continues to maintain their high standard of truffle fries.


Lola's Cafe Honey Paprika Crispy Wings

Honey Paprika Crispy Wings

Lola’s Cafe is really commendable for taking on some of the most popular items in the Singapore food scene. There are probably thousands of stalls in Singapore selling fries and chicken wings. Lola’s Cafe has challenged the mainstream with delicious iterations of their own.

These ‘Honey Paprika Crispy Wings’ really pack a fanciful sounding name indeed and they taste just as fancy. These delicious chicken wings are served with the perfect crispiness level, coupled with the strong fragrance of the honey paprika, you could keep eating these chicken wings all day. We wish we could get these at S$5 for four wings and we would be coming here everyday for a couple. These delicious wings will set you back S$10 and we rate them 4.4/5. You MUST get these as well if you ever come to Lola’s.


Lola's Cafe Bacon & Mushroom Spaghetti

Bacon & Mushroom Truffle Cream Pasta

“If they have great truffle fries, their truffle cream pasta must be good as well” – or so we thought. This dish has spaghetti, pork bacon, Swiss white mushroom, truffle oil, Parmesan cheese and cream.

Perhaps it is unfortunate that we had to eat this dish together with their ridiculously delicious truffle fries and honey paprika wings. In comparison to those, their bacon & mushroom truffle cream pasta was pretty ordinary. It wasn’t bad, and there was some skill with the chef that prepared this. However, we were used to the best cream pasta from the top Italian restaurants in Singapore and this didn’t really match up. The juxtaposition with their truffle fries and wings didn’t help either. We rate this dish 3.8/5. This will set you back S$15.


Lola's Cafe Interior 2

Final Thoughts

Come to Lola’s Cafe for their truffle fries and their honey paprika crispy wings. You will not regret it. However, we would suggest skipping their mains and going straight for dessert. We recommend their popular and highly rated Seasalt Chocolate Tart with Coffee Cream.


info  Lola’s Cafe

5 Simon Road, Singapore 545893

Take the MRT to Kovan station and take Exit B, walk down Upper Serangoon Rd until you reach Simon Rd  – Google Maps

Signature items:
Truffle fries, honey paprika crispy wings

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thurs 1000-2330hrs,
Fri-Sat 1000-0000hrs,
closed on Monday

+65 6284 0349


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