Happy Land Cafeteria – Nasi Lemak & Ice Kacang

Happy Land Cafeteria Storefront

The storefront of Happy Land Cafeteria

Happy Land Cafeteria is no ordinary fried chicken nasi lemak stall. Besides the super delicious nasi lemak, they also known for their ice kacang, fried kway teow and Indian rojak. They also have a gossip-juice worthy family feud story, with the owner’s brother setting up an identical rival stall named McCola Fried Chicken just beside Happy Land.

Even with the diversity of food choices here, Happy Land Cafeteria’s fried chicken nasi lemak is super famous and it can be considered part of the troika of super delicious nasi lemak stalls in Kulai, together with Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut and Yellow Corner Nasi Lemak.


Happy Land Cafeteria Interior 2

Service and Ordering

Happy Land Cafeteria has four distinct stalls, three near the entrance of the cafeteria selling nasi lemak, fried kway teow and ngau hiang, and one occupying the interior selling desserts, drinks and Indian rojak. You have to make payment separately to each stall. When you order from the nasi lemak stall, you will have to select the part of the chicken that you would like before it is prepared and chopped up by the server.

If you visit Happy Land in a group, we would recommend getting one nasi lemak or fried kway teow each, with one Indian rojak to share, and get everyone an ice kacang right at the end.



Happy Land Cafeteria Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak

Happy Land Cafeteria – Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak

As usual, I selected the drumstick for my nasi lemak and I had to wait around 10 minutes as they had run out of it at the time. I added a fried egg as well. The fried chicken is fantastic with a nice crispy skin and with the chicken having a great savoury fragrance that we have not been able to find anywhere in Singapore. There’s just something special about the fried chicken in Kulai. The chili goes exceptionally well with the chicken and the rice. We rate the dish as a whole 4/5. It costs RM6.20.

We note some peculiarities with the nasi lemak rice which was we felt was a tad drier that we would have liked and it would have been better with more coconut milk. There was also some minor impurities in the rice. With regards to the nasi lemak rice alone, we would prefer the neighbouring McCola Fried Chicken.


Happy Land Cafeteria Char Kway Teow

Char Kway Teow (炒粿条 chǎo guǒ tiáo)

While the char kway teow at Happy Land Cafeteria may not match up to the best standalone char kway teow stalls, the char kway teow here still tastes pretty delicious. The kway teow is nice and springy with plenty of wok hei. They are also very generous with the egg and the bean sprouts. We shared a plate of the char kway teow here after consuming the nasi lemak and we must say they went very well together. We rate the char kway teow here 4/5. It costs RM4.50.


Happy Land Cafeteria Chocolate Ice Kacang

Chocolate Ice Kacang

Apart from their famous fried chicken nasi lemak, Happy Land Cafeteria is also very well known for its ice kacang dessert. This is Sheryn’s favourite dessert in the whole of Kulai (which is her hometown) and for good reason. The chocolate ice kacang has copious amounts of chocolate sauce and peanut shavings, topped with soft fragrant red beans and corn. There is also grass jelly and green flour ‘worms’ within the ice kacang that are fresh and they go very well with the sweetened crushed ice.

My personal favourite of this delicious concoction is the chocolate sauce with peanut shavings. The folks at Happy Land Cafeteria are fully aware of how delicious it is, and they use the same combination on their chocolate ice cream. We rate their chocolate ice kacang a super delicious 4.3/5. It costs RM3.70.


Happy Land Cafeteria Ice Cream Ice Kacang

Ice Cream Ice Kacang

Yes, we did not actually order a second ice kacang on this one visit, but we have tried their ice cream ice kacang on previous visits. This is a really delicious concoction as well with the large scoop of chocolate ice cream on top. As you can see from the picture there is a generous amount of red beans and corn that is enough to make my mouth water again. The chocolate ice cream goes really well with the ice kacang and we rate it 4.2/5. It costs RM3.70.


Happy Land Cafeteria Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream

We were a bit curious as to how they could price a serving of their chocolate ice cream similarly to their ice kacang variations. Yet we were happily and pleasantly surprised when the dish came. It was a large serving of chocolate ice cream equivalent to amount two or three scoops, coupled with a generous amount of chocolate sauce and peanut shavings on the top. While there was nothing too special about the chocolate ice cream in itself, the chocolate sauce and peanut shavings made this a really unique and delicious dish to try. We rate this 4/5. It costs RM3.70.

Of course, if this is your first time here do yourself a favour and get their ice kacang first! You probably will not have enough stomach capacity left for a second dessert.


Happy Land Cafeteria Interior

Final Thoughts

Happy Land Cafeteria is a unique food place indeed. While most will offer one super great signature dish and have a few sideshows that usually do not hold a candle to their main draw, Happy Land is different. If you look at the tables from this full house picture, you will see that not everyone has a plate of nasi lemak in front of them. There is the char kway teow, Indian rojak and ice kacang as well and these dishes are really delicious in their own right.

This is a place with great food and great variety that you can visit again and again after your weekly shopping trip to the Johor Premium Outlets, which is about a 15-minute drive away.


info  Happy Land Cafeteria @ Kulai, Malaysia

1-38 Jalan Pinang Taman Kota Kulai, 81000 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia

It is virtually impossible to take public transport in Kulai – try hailing a taxi or driving  – Google Maps

Signature items:
Fried chicken nasi lemak, ice kacang

Opening Hours:
Daily from 1130-1800hrs, closed on Monday


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