Craftholic Cafe – Super Cute Plushies from Japan!

The storefront of Craftholic Cafe

The storefront of Craftholic Cafe

Craftholic is one of the cutest huggable plushy brands from Japan, and they have opened a Craftholic Cafe at the School of the Arts (SOTA) near Dhoby Ghaut! Their soft toy plushies are seriously cute, and in the past I would get a couple from their store at Bugis+. These are sure to melt the hearts of women all over Singapore! This cafe will be at SOTA only from 17 Sept 2016 to 13 Nov 2016, so do drop by while they are still there.

This Craftholic Cafe concept is a partnership between Craftholic and Kki Sweets (a super delicious cake shop), and while we had some initial reservations about the standard of food here, we’re glad to report that the food here is great! A couple of months ago we decided to withhold food ratings for the super cutesy cafes such as the Hello Kitty Cafe and Pompompurin Cafe, as while they had really the cutest and most instagram-worthy food, in terms of the taste of the food, they generally weren’t up to par. We’re glad to say that the food here at Craftholic Cafe is delicious!

WARNING – this post has more than 40 super cute pictures of the Craftholic plushies, gifts and food, so we apologise for the loading lag. As you can imagine it was a big challenge cutting down the 200+ photos that Sheryn took.


Craftholic Cafe - SOTA StepsCraftholic Cafe - CakesCraftholic Cafe - Menu 2Craftholic Cafe - Bill

Service and Ordering

You have to walk up the steps to the second level of SOTA to get to Craftholic Cafe. Once there you will be greeted by an amazing row of Craftholic plushies outside the cafe! On our visit the day after their opening, you could find empty seats and a very short queue. You can be sure that it won’t be like that for long, so head down fast before the queues turn into hours-long waits.

Once you’re done with your selfies outside the cafe, you can head inside to order your food. The system here takes your food order first before sending you to your seat. We had a really great service experience here, with the staff offering to take our dessert back to the refrigerator when we were done with our photo and video taking. A big kudos to them!

The prices of the food and desserts here range from S$7 to S$17 – definitely very reasonable for the cuteness that you’re getting.

We also recommend getting their delicious cakes from their display – as a specialty cake shop Kki Sweets really knows how to bake a good cake.


Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 3

They have a gift shop inside with some limited edition Craftholic plushies available!


Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 17

Sloth Bear and the Korat Cat!


Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 19

Another Sloth Bear with the Rab Bunny!


Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 18Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 14Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 13Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 12

Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 11Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 10Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 9Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 8

Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 7Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 6Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 5Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 4

Craftholic Plushies Galore!

We just have too many super cute photos that we want to share with our readers, so please bear with the numerous thumbnails above. Oh, and there are more cute Craftholic thumbnails at the end as well.


Craftholic Cafe - Garlic aioli Roast Chicken Sandwich 4

Craftholic Cafe – Garlic aioli Roast Chicken Sandwich

This is one of Craftholic Cafe’s two mains at the moment (we are told that a menu expansion is in the works), and it is really delicious. The chicken is tender and flavourful and it goes really well with the Sloth Bear toasted bread and the included Truffle Potato Chips. It even comes with Japanese Iced Green Tea!

We rate their chicken sandwich a great 4/5 and you can get it the whole set at S$16.80.


Craftholic Cafe - Beef Stew with Butter Rice

Beef Stew with Butter Rice

This is Craftholic Cafe’s second main dish. As beef stew goes this was pretty decent, the beef was super tender and the fragrance of the stew engulfs the senses. We give this a 3.9/5 and you can get it at S$16.80 with the included Japanese Iced Green Tea.


Craftholic Cafe - Choco Banana Rab Bunny Dessert

Choco Banana Rab Bunny Ice Cream Dessert

This was really a revelation. Okay so you aren’t getting Belgian Chocolate Häagen-Dazs ice cream here, but the folks at Craftholic Cafe have created a fantastic combination. The chocolate ice cream goes extremely well with the cream, rusk and cheesecake cubes. The usual addition of the banana complemented the dessert perfectly.

This was a very satisfying dessert and we rate it a great 4.1/5. You can get it at S$12.80.


Craftholic Cafe Pandan Souffle Cheesecake 2

Pandan Souffle Cheesecake

Well, the folks at Kki Sweets know how to bake a good cake, and their Pandan Souffle Cheesecake was great. The cheesecake texture was well-defined and the light pandan taste went pretty well with it. We rate this 4/5 and it is priced at S$7.80.


Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 2Craftholic Cafe - Plushies 1Craftholic Cafe - Menu 1Craftholic Cafe - Logo

Craftholic Cafe - Gifts 4Craftholic Cafe - Gifts 5Craftholic Cafe - Gifts 2Craftholic Cafe - Gifts 1


Craftholic Cafe - Interior

Final Thoughts

This is one of the few times when we are really excited by a new cafe! Even if you are not a big foodie, you must come by and have a look at their super cute Craftholic plush toys. You can spend a couple of hours here taking photos for your Instagram. Oh, and for once you can actually get decent food at a themed cafe.

We’re happy that we managed to drop by just before the word got out and as such we had a very speedy and pleasant dining experience. However we’re pretty confident that it won’t stay that way for long. They are only here until 13 Nov 2016, so drop by before the queues start to form!

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info  Craftholic Cafe

1 Zubir Said Drive, Level 2 School of the Arts, Singapore 227968

Take the MRT to Dhoby Ghaut and walk – Google Maps

Signature items:
Craftholic-themed food, cake and desserts

Opening Hours:
Daily from 1130-2130hrs (last order @ 2000hrs), closed on Mondays

+65 6225 6650

Craftholic Singapore Facebook

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